One of the things that’s always driven me to play about with different gear is a craving to find new and interesting sounds. It’s what led me to the whole chipmusic world in the first place, and continues to develop in different ways.

Over the past few months I’ve begun to really appreciate the huge range of weird and wonderful effects pedals that have been released by boutique manufacturers. It’s become a bit of an obsession actually. The problem when buying things like this is that you can’t really fire down to a shop down the road to plug in your Gameboy and see what a pedal will or won’t sound like – and almost all of the demos online are primarily focused on playing warbly guitar riffs. Nae use to somebody who wants to process LSDJ’s noise channel!

That has spurred me to set up my own pedal demo site, where I’ll feature some of the more unusual pedals that cross my path – and do so using the sort of instruments that I actually use to make music with: Gameboys, synths, keyboards, drum machines, Commodore 64s… etc. No fiddly guitar riffs here.

The first post has just gone up, and takes a look at the MWFX Judder pedal. This beast:


Take a gander:

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