It is with great excitement that I can divulge a new unexpected project on the horizon. We have assembled a gaggle of talented musicians who are going to record, scrimp and gather up loose riffs, vocals and other noises to put them towards a rather unique collaboration.

You’ll almost certainly have heard of some of those involved, and the ones you haven’t are just as wonderful, having been hand-picked from the alternative music world by yours truly. We’re not going to name names yet, but all shall be revealed in due course. It’s all rather delightful.

It has been a day of difficulty, but not for the reasons I first envisaged this morning.

Instead of the possible social awkwardness that may have unfolded, (and how I wish it had!) I was instead granted the scenario of losing my keys on public transport.

Well, I assume it was on public transport.

Who knows.

Maybe some nice person will hand them in and I won’t need to fork out some ridiculous amount to some car sales-people.. or I could always learn to hot wire?

The best way to deal with such situations is to have a chippy, a large glass of single malt, and throw a ton of instruments into the one song.

’emanations of the state’