It has been a day of difficulty, but not for the reasons I first envisaged this morning.

Instead of the possible social awkwardness that may have unfolded, (and how I wish it had!) I was instead granted the scenario of losing my keys on public transport.

Well, I assume it was on public transport.

Who knows.

Maybe some nice person will hand them in and I won’t need to fork out some ridiculous amount to some car sales-people.. or I could always learn to hot wire?

The best way to deal with such situations is to have a chippy, a large glass of single malt, and throw a ton of instruments into the one song.

’emanations of the state’

After such anticipation for the postman arriving today with a new accordion, the jubilation was dashed upon discovery of dodgy keys, which mean a trip to the post office to fire it back again to the returns people.

Before it got boxed up and put away, it managed to finish off a song in its dying breaths.

‘nice try Rousseau’ has been sitting about for a while looking.. waiting for something to complete it.

And here it is. (Soundcloud)

I thought it was probably appropriate to break the convention of no capitalisation for Mr. Rousseau; him being such a towering figure of the enlightenment and all.