The track that I posted up the other day has been picked up by Central Station – a ‘creative social network’ who are featuring an artist for the first 50 days of their re-launch. Their site is a fairly involved, gritty little community that highlights stuff that would slide under the radar otherwise… both opportunities for collaboration as well as unusual exhibitions and projects.

It’s a bit of a shock, as I had absentmindedly subscribed to their channel over on Soundcloud, and didn’t really expect anything of it. The funny thing is that unexpected bowtie isn’t something that I’ve ever actively pushed in any way, or really something that I speak much about outside of these four virtual walls; it’s more of a personal experimentation with random sounds (which are often chaotic and messy). If people pick up on it and like it then that’s cool, but I’m not going to chase it in anyway… It’s for that reason alone that I’m quite chuffed/flattered/stunned that CenSta have deemed it worthy of including…

You can check out the page here, as well as all the other awesome artists that will be appearing. There’s still time to submit your own things too, so fire them in…

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