The past few days I’ve fallen victim to a horrible ‘flu’ type ailment. Yes, yes, we all know that it’s hardly ever the flu proper, but ‘a cold’ doesn’t quite cut it when you’re confined to bed with a barrel-load of drugs and hankies (for some people that may well describe a great day in).

As a by-product, there’s been lots of time to explore the wonderful world of electronic music creation. Think blips and bassy parts recorded from the greatest computer of all.. the Commodore 64.

Despite providing me with a healthy dose of tinnitus from listening all day through the Sennheisers, there should hopefully be an interesting injection of chipset-fired sounds to come in the near future. Jumping from banjos and mandolins to Gameboys and thuds is a bit of a strange thing to reconcile, but the possibilites are rather exciting. Watch this space.

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