Do doo do do

After David Cameron announced that he was stepping aside to let that creature Theresa May into the position of completely unelected Prime Minister, he was caught ‘humming’ a wee ditty as he walked back into Number 10. Definitely a man who has checked out.

I quite liked the sound of it, so gave it a remix below:

See ya Davey. It’s been real.

(For another remix, check out this one from Graeme Coleman – complete with accompanying video)

Image ‘David Cameron delivers EU statement outside Downing Street‘ by Number 10 used under CC license.

Magnificent Bastard – Smile, You Fuck Remix


My pal Lee has a new band, called Magnificent Bastard. They’ve just put our their first single – ‘Smile, You Fuck’ to stream on Bandcamp and the like.

I convinced him to let me have a bash at destroying his hard work, and he stupidly agreed. So here it is, remixed:

All of the sounds are taken from the original recording, with the exception of the Game Boy – which definitely was not.

Rock! Neanderthal Remix


In a previous life I was in a band called Closet Organ.

We had a song called ‘Rock! Neanderthal’.

A couple of years ago, Michael M from We Are the Physics remixed the track in a chip-tastic fashion, but for some reason the post about it disappeared.


Re-uploading here as it’s great.

You can download the remix here.


The original is over on the Closet Organ Soundcloud here.