New Album: TOKYO

unexpected bowtie tokyo album artwork.jpg

Today I’m releasing my fifth full-length unexpected bowtie album: TOKYO.

Darker and more up-tempo than most of my previous work, TOKYO was primarily written on a DMG-01 Game Boy using LSDJ, though there is some extra synthy goodness and guitars thrown in for good measure.

Written while on long international plane and train journeys, this is music inspired by the lights and movement of globe-trotting; a lingering salute to the people that make up some of the greatest cities in the world.


TOKYO Tapes 1.jpg

You can stream the album for free on Bandcamp, or get the full digital download for £3. There are also 15 hand-painted cassette tapes available for £5 each, which look pretty awesome if I do say so myself. It will eventually be on Spotify as well, but not for another few weeks.

So what started out as a tidy up of a few song tags has resulted in me staying up all night, bleary eyed, to finally get everything together and release an album properly.

I remember thinking out loud on here once about the difficulty of knowing where and when to draw the dividing line in a collection of tracks and separate them off as an individual package or collection. It turns out that that sometimes that realisation of when is appropriate creeps up on you and presents itself magician-like out of the blue, seemingly stating the obvious.

As a result, you can now download the resplendent debut ‘26 hour days‘ in its entirety, along with lyrics, printable artwork and all that by clicking through to the relevant page via the bowtie-man crested image above. If you’d rather just stream or download the tracks individually, you can do that too.

and with that, I leave it in your hands.