Reasons why a mandolin is better than a guitar #1

You can lie in bed on your back and still play the mandolin fairly well.

(this can also be seen as a disadvantage when you fall asleep playing said mandolin)

I just came across a picture on Tumblr of a girl wearing not very much except a mandolin.

The temptation to post it here was so strong, but it’d probably lower the tone of things.


After a year and a half in the musical wilderness, I’ve managed to get over the deep-rooted lovehate relationship I had developed with my guitar to come up with this latest endeavour.

It’ll involve mandolins, glockenspiels and other wonderful things, and is thanks in no small part to the influence of Mr. Toby Hayes of ‘Shoes and Socks Off’ – pictured above enjoying a jacuzzi next to my bespectacled self.

Have a listen to ‘smoke and rabbits’ here, and check back to see what might unfold.