As with any creative area, you can all too easily get absorbed in the gear and equipment side of things, and overlook the fact that the uh.. whole point of it is to do make something with it.

I’ve been so consumed lately with trying to get things soldered and the frustration at being unable (yet) to make much headway with electronics and modifying them to make cool sounds that I thought it best to actually write some tunes.

It’s okay to be excited about new things and the possibilities they bring… as long as you act upon the possibilities too.

A sneak preview of a new track from a release which is going to be based around chiptunes, and aptly titled ‘giving up on circuitry’, is up over at the 8 bit collective. Composed and recorded on an old Gameboy before I butchered it to install some LEDs.

Given that I’ve actually got some ongoing stuff that people might be interested in keeping up to date with now, the bowtie has ended up on Twitter.

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zeit·geber (tsīt′gā′bər, zīt′-) – noun
(from German for “time giver,” or “synchroniser”)

a stimulus, esp. light or heat, that affects an organism’s biological clock.

also a chilled out collaboration with recoveryUnit.

check out zeitgeber (cogs).

At what point do you take a collection of songs that are independent of each other, written over months and changes in preference, and meld them into some sort of coherent ‘album’ form?

Or do you have to bother?

Regardless, it’s now a new year, and here’s a song that was technically all recorded in 2010, but for argument’s sake, since it was finished today, it counts as the first of 2011.

[we] don’t envy those who travel [light]

In a wonderful development, the gloriously helpful lady at the Subway depot called me up to say that my keys had been found.

Almost as good as that itself was the wonderful symbolism in the fact that they were handed in in Govan.

To celebrate this, I finished off a track with a long name.. (as well as a Jack Daniels or two)

‘be suspicious of well written lines (they’re the ones they’ve practised)’

is listed up above, along with the others.