As you may probably have picked up from the previous posts, it’s been a bit of a tough slog getting into the whole electronics modification side of chiptune music.

It reminded me a bit of learning to drive. You keep thinking – how on earth can I find this so difficult when so many other people find it so easy?

After hours and hours and hours of accumulated research though, I’ve finally taken a big jump forward and managed to front-light the Gameboy Color so I can use it to compose stuff on whenever and wherever. I did also add an extra 3.5mm line-out, but discovered that Maplin had given me the wrong jack… mono instead of stereo… which put the kaibosh on that plan.

Either way, soldering mistakes and cut hands aside, things are starting to settle in. Here’s a couple of shots of the Gameboy in all its illuminated glory; nestled snugly beside the other electronic gear.

As with any creative area, you can all too easily get absorbed in the gear and equipment side of things, and overlook the fact that the uh.. whole point of it is to do make something with it.

I’ve been so consumed lately with trying to get things soldered and the frustration at being unable (yet) to make much headway with electronics and modifying them to make cool sounds that I thought it best to actually write some tunes.

It’s okay to be excited about new things and the possibilities they bring… as long as you act upon the possibilities too.

A sneak preview of a new track from a release which is going to be based around chiptunes, and aptly titled ‘giving up on circuitry’, is up over at the 8 bit collective. Composed and recorded on an old Gameboy before I butchered it to install some LEDs.

Without being entirely sure of where this all may head, you can check out the finished mix of ‘let’s get explicit’, composed with Commodore 64 sounds, guitar parts and other samples over at the 8 bit collective. – and only from there at the moment.