Instead of writing much at the moment, I’ve had other things take over the musical side of life.

One of these is to get (much) better at the old accordion playing.

This is what I’m listening to for inspiration.

One day I hope to reach the dizzying heights of this man and his moustache.

After such anticipation for the postman arriving today with a new accordion, the jubilation was dashed upon discovery of dodgy keys, which mean a trip to the post office to fire it back again to the returns people.

Before it got boxed up and put away, it managed to finish off a song in its dying breaths.

‘nice try Rousseau’ has been sitting about for a while looking.. waiting for something to complete it.

And here it is. (Soundcloud)

I thought it was probably appropriate to break the convention of no capitalisation for Mr. Rousseau; him being such a towering figure of the enlightenment and all.