unexpected bowtie (and friends)

unexpected bowtie (and friends) is an album that started in 2011 as a means of collecting different sounds from some of the hardest working, most creative, and most pleasant people that I’d come to know in music. 

Taking everything from ambient guitar noises to crazed loops of a Welshman throwing rocks into a wheelbarrow – I pieced them together to produce this jaunty beast. 

Despite having been finished almost 2 years ago, and with most of the tracks previewed already, the whole thing has never been quite ready – partially because I still have some samples left over from one band that I’ve just not been able to work out what on earth to do with. (down to my musical incompetence, not theirs!). Hopefully these will make their way into something astounding sometime soon, but the time for this release to make its way into the world is well overdue.

Click on the accompanying artwork above to take you to the new shiny shiny unexpected bowtie bandcamp where you can download the whole thing for free for the first time.

Signs of Life

Whilst I’ve done nothing musical in ages, my good friend Pulco has been cranking out albums as effortlessly as breathing itself.

Have a look at his latest project here, and perhaps it won’t be too long before I record something myself.

no more bowtie?


Life has overtaken all of my time and zeal to keep going just now. I’m sure it’ll come back at some point… just not sure when. I have a whole album sitting ready to go minus one song, but can’t quite seem to get it right.

Thanks for keeping in touch though. The bowtie shall live on. 

FOE – The Black Lodge (cover)

So here we have it, a totally unnecessary chiprock cover of the Black Lodge by FOE.

I promise to keep my hands off of other band’s songs for a while.

FOE – The Black Lodge

Just to prove I am actually doing something. Here’s the current state of my recording studio bedroom.

I’m butchering  covering a track from the wonderful FOE called the Black Lodge. 

Have a listen to the original below.

snore support

If it wasn’t for Toby Hayes aka Shoes and Socks Off, this whole musical adventure wouldn’t exist. He’s been in all sorts of amazing bands, and I’d probably have burned all of my instruments in a fire on Glasgow’s High Street if our paths hadn’t crossed. You have him to blame.

Here’s a light-hearted track with guitar from the man himself, which will be on the next album.

I have a new laptop.

I have a new condenser mic arriving shortly.

Hopefully I’ll be finished this bloody album that has become a rock round my neck within the next couple of months, and then it can be consigned to history.